Inconvenient Emotions (Sexy Spoken Word Poem)

by Viro Nika

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I wrote this piece over the course of two days. By day 3, I had it memorized. By day 4, I was performing it. People loved it. It made them moan. It made them gush. It made them believe in magic again. It was a surprise to me as well, this sudden unleashing of passion. This piece made me change my plans. I became a spoken word artist, not just a poet.

Inconvenient Emotions is the first track from my upcoming album, Bursting Into Art. That name perfectly describes what happened to me. After years of healing the wounds of childhood trauma and addiction with self-love and spirituality, I came full circle, returned to the passion in my veins that makes me a human being, a woman, an artist.

I hope to collaborate with other creatives through this track. I am open to having background music added to it. I'm also open to working with dancers and choreographers to create videos to match its flow. So, I've made it downloadable. Play with it. Send me what you come up with. If it tickles my creativity, I'd be happy to work with you.

I'm so grateful for your support on this journey, especially those of you that have been with me since the self-help days. It's a gift to be followed into the depths of my creative process and accepted as the ever-changing person I am. If you're still here, you honour me. I feel the love. Thank you.


We are just friends,
That's what we are,
That's what I keep
Telling myself
While so casually
Stepping over these
Finding intimacy
Where it didn't live before.
Putting love into the
Spaces that beg to be
Filled with it.
Drinking your energy
And swimming in it.
But just platonic love,
Just people with similar interests,
And that's what we
Keep saying, so I won't
Tell you that yesterday,
My skin tingled and burned
At the thought of your touch
Or about the
The flame that comes to
Lick my insides when I'm
Around you so much.
And I won't mention that
I think about you
After the lights turn off,
(And you're so soft).
And I won't tell anyone
How last week, I came home
Got undressed and pressed
Into the warmth of his back,
Still thinking of
The way your hair
Falls around your face,
The way you laugh,
The way you have
No idea I feel this way.
Smitten by your beautiful presence,
Your addictive essence.
And you
Bring me life.
Bring me poetry.
Bring me doubt and fear,
But only about
These feelings
Being revealed.
And I wonder if it's real.
I wonder how long
This fire will burn.
I wonder how to
Make it burn stronger
Without hurting anyone.
I wonder if you
Feel the same,
If you feel that flame.
I wonder if it would
Feed the fire
If we touched,
But I wouldn't, and I won't.
Because we're just friends,
So come give me a hug,
And I'll hold you briefly,
Letting go too quickly
‘Cause I'd hug you all night
If you just let me.
You know, I realize suddenly
That you remind me
Of the first boy I ever loved—
My destruction, my muse.
And now, you're opening all those wounds,
Except it doesn't hurt, it melts.
And it isn't a wound, but a flower.
And the petals of my past open up
Around you, and I want to
Heal all the parts of me
He demolished by being with you.
…But, you're not him,
And you're not the one I'm with,
And you're not committed to me, and we're just
Friends, right?
But nights like this one tonight,
I'm holding two cups of you:
One of love and
One of lust,
And I just
Keep drinking from both,
Wondering how I can still be
Thirsty, but I am.
I'm insatiable, baby.
I want to inhale your art,
Smear your music on my thighs.
Mix your essence into shea butter,
Put it on my lips, and I'll
Taste you every minute.
Taking hits of the drug of choice
That fuels my voice,
And they'll ask me
What keeps me going,
And I'll be honest and say,
My friends,
You know?
Do you know?
I don't know.
I don't know how much self-restraint
I have to put on these
Feelings that seem so innocent,
But also so indecent.
Tell me, is it?
Could the fire within
Human beings, human thoughts,
Human consciousness,
Could that be wrong?
Should that be wrong?
And now I'm bartering
With my values, trying to
Make my intoxication with you
Fit into my world view,
But I will not stop
In the name of
Purity and morality
Because to me,
You're as pure as can be.
So let it
Sprout roots below
And fire above,
The ever-elusive
Passionate love.
I want to be near it,
Your spirit,
Keeping this proximity
Say it's for creativity,
But you swallow my entirety,
Spit me back out full of energy.
And most importantly,
You're not afraid to walk away from me.
And every time you do,
I'm drawn to you magnetically.
You said once
Your life is a piece of art.
I see it now. I see it!
I'm marveling at your heart!
I wanna explore your wilderness
And share with you a tenderness
I've only just imagined.
Tell me,
Have you ever felt like this?
I did once before,
Got burned.
It's been twelve years,
Filled me full of fear.
Thought I'd never find
That passion anywhere.
That's what everybody said,
Love's a piece of tape,
If you put in on, rip it off,
Then there's no escape
From the dwindling
Of energy.
“Settle for less now”
That is what they said to me,
But now I'm free.
Mind limits removed.
Belief systems changed.
My world's on fire,
And I'm screaming out your name.
And I
Tried to silence this, dismiss
These feelings of eternal bliss,
Rip this poem in half,
Replace it,
But I can't erase it—
The rhythm of this beat
The synchronicity,
So I
Make love to you
Through poetry,
The closest
To you I can be.
I want you here right next to me…
What if by touching,
Then all this ends?
Then I'll wish we had just stayed
Well, at least you now know how I feel.
Feeling exposed, revealed.
But this, it shouldn't be concealed.
The world's full of illusions,
But this thing, baby, this is real.


released June 14, 2019
This track was recorded with Dylan Piercey at The Exo Room in Toronto.


all rights reserved



Viro Nika Toronto, Ontario

Award-winning author, poet, spoken word artist, life coach, wanderer, visual artist, seeker of beauty in all its forms.

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